International Association of Facilitators

IAF is at the front line of a growing profession. Facilitation has rapidly taken a place alongside those of consultant, mediator and trainer. IAF is actively engaged in linking with local practitioners and facilitation groups around the world.
Regional conferences are now being held in Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and South America with new locations starting each year.The association is dedicated to supporting facilitation as a critical craft of the 21st Century.

The International Association of Facilitators is a growing network of professionals who facilitate group development, communication and decision-making. IAF provides people with multiple conferences, career development opportunities and professional publications. Affiliated facilitators practice in diverse roles which include managers, project leaders, instructors, mediators, attorneys, professors, care providers, therapists, community organizers, directors, executives, human resource professionals, independent consultants, peace workers, psychologists, process engineers and many other roles that require human development and group decision making.

The Profession Of facilitation

  • Facilitator Certification

    The International Association of Facilitators has launched a certification program for facilitators to assess and certify core competencies for group facilitators. The program was successfully piloted in Europe to much acclaim from facilitators and clients alike. The first set of assessments in North America took place in Toronto at IAF Conference 2000. Several IAF long-term sponsors and partners have had facilitators certified in the past two years. Additional assessments will take place in North America and Europe throughout the year and at IAF Conference 2003 Ottawa.

  • IAF Statement of Values and Code of Ethics

    IAF members have developed a Statement of Values and Ethics for Group Facilitators, a major achievement for the organization and profession. From June 2000 to May 2002 an estimated 150 people collaborated through a facilitated online exchange engaging thousands of thinking and discussion hours. Forums were held at IAF Conference 2001 Minnesota and workshops and discussions were held at regional conferences and on regional electronic discussion groups. The development of the Code involved a wide diversity of views and the working through of different perspectives to achieve a consensus across regional and cultural boundaries.

The IAF Network

The annual global conference draws increasing numbers of facilitators each year. In 1994, 75 people became charter members in Alexandria, Virginia. IAF Conference 2000 in Toronto brought together more than 1,100 participants. IAF Conference 2003 is projected to have a record-setting attendance of 1,200 participants.(From IAF website, 2003 Chinese Facilitators Conference affiliated with the International Association of Facilitator)

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